Simple, proven lead generation that brings customers and their friends to your business. Instead of taking the shotgun approach to reach your customers, let your customers reach you by giving them your business ad card.  It’s like having hundreds of sales agents working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We put your name and number in your customer’s hand.   

     Classic Card Displays Advertising Agreement
 Classic Card Displays - 845 West 44th. Street - Norfolk, VA  23508 

         Advertiser hereby accepts ad card advertising in the following CCD areas for 3 months.
         Selection Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth    

         Advertiser agrees that all advertising is to be paid monthly at the rate of $499 per month,
         due on the first of each month with A late fee of 10% after 10 days.

         Advertiser agrees and understands that CCD makes no claims or warranty concerning the effect on
         the business by advertising with CCD.

         Advertiser understands that CCD will provide the design, typesetting, printing, distribution and
         monthly of cards on the displays.

         Please complete the following information: Please print

        Advertiser:__________________________________ T/A ________________________________________

        Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

         Business Phone: _____________________ Email: ______________________________________________

        This agreement shall start at the time of distribution on: _______________________________ and shall
        bind both parties to their respective contractual obligations recited herein for 3 months after the first
​        free month.

          ____________________________________________    __________________________________________________
           Authorized Signature:                                        CCD Representative

                 If paying by check or money order please make out to:
                          Classic Cards Displays and include this form
           You can email your information to us at:
                                                       (757) 489-8968
                We will respond promptly after receiving your agreement."