#7 Chinese
Chen's Garden
Chen's Kitchen
China King
China Hut
China Ocean
China Town
China Way
China Wok/Princess Anne Rd.
China Wok/Va. Beach
Coin Laundry
Delicate China
Dog N Burger
Dragon City
Golden China
Golden City/Monticello Ave.
Golden City - Tidewater Dr.
Golden City - Hampton Blvd.
Golden City/ Azalea Garden Rd.
Golden City/ Maple Ave.
Golden Pizzeria
Golden Wok
Jessy's Mexican
Kin's Wok 
Kin's Wok 2
Mom & Pop's Italian
No 1 Chinese/Little Creek
No 1 Chinese/Military Hyw
Ocean Blue Seafood
Sal's NY Pizza/Hampton Blvd.
Sal's NY Pizza/Military Hyw.
Seafood Kitchen
Super China
T&T Seafood
T'San Japaese
University Pizza
Wing's N Things


Chen's Garden
China #1
China Chef
China Ocean
China Sun
Dennis's Steakhouse
Dragon China
Frank's Pizza  
Four Seasons Pizza
Golden China/Moses Grandy Tr
Golden City
Golden Dragon
Golden Star
Great China
Great Wall/Cedar Rd.
Great Wall/Geo Washington Hwy.
Great Wall/ Kempsville Rd.
Great Wall/ Western Branch Blvd.
Jackie Chen
Jade Garden
Johnson's BBQ
King Wok
New City Chinese
Orient Express
Panda King
Pizza Plus
Royal China
Sal's Pizza
Sal's NY Pizza
Shun Xing - Battlefield Blvd.
Wanda & Sushi
Yumi Yumi Chinese
Zero's Subs/Volvo Pkwy.

Va. Beach 
Captain K's Seafood
Chen's Garden
China Food
Chen’s Wok
China City
China Dragon
China Hall
China Inn
China King / Haygood
China King / Upton Dr.
China Kitchen
China Ocean
China Sea
China Sun
China Wok
CP Shucker
Dragon Chinese
East Wok
Far East Buffet
Fu Jian Chinese
Fu Hing Chinese
Glory's Bakery
Golden City/Ocean Front
Golden City/Wesleyan Dr.
Golden Wok
Great Wall
Han Xing
Hong Kong Inn
Jade Garden / Newtown
Jade Garden / Shore Drive
Jumbo 1 Chinese
King Hua Chinese
Kin's Wok / Va. Beach
Lucky Express
Ming's Chinese
Mini Italian Pizza
Miss Saigon
Mona Lisa Pizza
NO 1 Chinese/Ferrell Pkwy
NO 1 Chinese/Rosemont Rd
New China/Great Neck Rd
New No 1 Chinese
Nimmo Bella Pizza
No 1 Chinese/Hollnd Rd.
No 1 Chinese/Lynnhaven Pkway
Panda China
Panda Garden
Philly Cold Cuts
Rainbow Garden
Saigon One Restaurant
Sal's NY Pizza/Bonney Road
Sal's NY Pizza/Plaza Trail
Shun Xing
South Beach Pizza
Wings N Things
Zero's Subs/1st. Colonial 
Zero's Subs/NimmoPkwy
Zero's Subs/North Hampton Blvd.
Zero's Subs/Va. Beach Blvd.
Zero’s / Great Neck
4 Season’s Carryout

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A&A Seafood
China #1
China Moon
Eddy's Express
Jacky Chen
Lin's Garden
Mose Berth's Chicken
Ono Hawaii BBQ
Sal's Pizza
Super Wok
Top's China